Festival Season is here!

May 24, 2018


Well it's that time of year when some of us will be heading off to one or more of the many festivals that happen over the summer and early autumn.

We vapers have to be prepared, none of us want to be trapped in a camping/festival site with a dead vape or no juice!

I have attended several festivals and have frequently gone camping (which is like a festival without the live music and food stalls). So here is my take on how to enjoy your time there without worrying about whether your vape is going to last the course.


Most festival sites have charging facilities dotted around but there are often long queues and it can take a few hours for devices to charge. Portable Power Banks are great as long as you get a high capacity one. They can charge a pen device quite a few times or a larger mod about four times. I would recommend taking at least two devices so you can always have one charging. If you have a mod that takes external batteries you will need to take spares. An 18650 battery can take anything up to 4 hours to charge on a mains charger so a portable power bank would take forever. If you do take spare batteries make sure they are in an approved transport sleeve or box, NEVER put loose batteries in a bag, pocket etc! 

Tanks and Coils:

All tanks sold in the UK are 2ml but you can buy larger "bubble" glass for some tanks that will increase the capacity saving you from having to top up as often and which will allow the liquid in the tank to soak into the coil more effectively. It is worth fitting a new coil before you leave home so it is properly primed and ready, and it’s also worth making sure your tank is protected from damage with rubber vape bands or similar.  Of course you will need spare coils for your tank(s). If your tank can take coils with different power ratings (such as 40-80w, 50-100w), I would recommend taking the coils with the lower rating so that you can decrease the wattage and make your battery last longer. Having two tanks will let you "soak in" a new coil while still being able to vape using the other one.

If you are using an RDA or RTA make sure you put fresh coils in before you leave home and if you take spare ready-made coils make sure that they have been tested and that you have a tool to fit them. You will also need to have spare wicking such as Cotton Bacon or similar but don’t forget you will need something to cut it with.


I tend to go through liquid quicker when I attend these events. Being outdoors and probably having a drink or two, you usually have your vape in your hand all the time. So make sure you have a good supply of an "all day vape" liquid that you have used before and which you know won’t start to bore you after a couple of hours. I think it’s always good to take a completely different flavour , maybe your favourite, to use when you eventually get back to the tent and can sit and chill out.

As we live in the UK you can almost guarantee that it will rain at some point. Your electronic device won’t deal well with water! You really need to keep your device and all its bits and pieces dry. Supermarkets sell great polythene bags with waterproof zips on the top that are made for storing food without leaking. They are brilliant at keeping stuff dry too and are a pretty cheap way to hold all your vape gear. Keep your liquids and tanks in a separate bag to everything else though, if one of them leaks it can do almost as much damage as water can to an electronic device and is a nightmare to clean off everything. 

Anyway I hope that this has given you a few pointers, wherever and whichever festival you go to have fun and enjoy your hassle free vaping!

See you all soon 


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