Do you want to kick the 20-40 fags a day habit? Think it’s just too hard??

April 24, 2018


There have been quite a few people who have come into the shop over the past couple of weeks and said just that. It is now quite a well-known fact that vaping is MUCH safer and healthier than smoking, yet still can provide the nicotine that smokers are addicted to. Vaping also doesn’t have the other "nasty" stuff like carbon dioxide, tar, hydrogen etc found in cigarettes and leaves no ash, smoke or lingering smell on clothing or furniture. These days there are so many different gadgets around that it can be a daunting prospect to walk into an e-cig shop and know what to buy to get you started on your path to a cigarette free life!

When I first decided to stop smoking vaping as it is now didn’t exist, so, like everyone else that wanted to quit, I had to try and either cut down or just stop. Anyone who has tried to do that will tell you how incredibly hard it is. Your body is not getting the nicotine that it is used to, you feel sick and your whole daily routine is turned inside out. The cup of tea or coffee that you used to have a ciggy with seems strangely unsatisfying. You have nothing to do with your hands and, perversely, not doing what you usually do makes you think about it even more!

Let us be honest here, you are suffering withdrawal symptoms, it isn't nice and it takes real willpower to get through it. Some can, but like many others I couldn't and picked up the cigarettes again.

Then I discovered vaping and it revolutionised my life! I could still doing something very similar to smoking but healthier and cheaper!

How do you get started Vaping? What should you be looking for as a smoker who wants to swap the  cigarettes for the e-liquid?

The way a vape works is simple. A container (tank) which has a small metal coil surrounded by a wicking material holds a flavoured liquid containing nicotine (zero nicotine liquids are also available). This is then attached to a battery (mod) and, when a button is pressed, the battery sends power to the coil and the liquid is vapourised. This is what a ‘vaper’ then inhales.

Generally speaking there are two types of vaping; mouth to lung where the vaper uses a device that provides a draw similar to a cigarette (a small amount of vapour containing nicotine is sucked into the mouth and then after a pause inhaled into the lungs) and, straight to lung (sub-ohming) where the vaper uses a device that produces more vapour with a low nicotine content directly into the lungs.

The majority of smokers who switch to vaping prefer the mouth to lung method as it is exactly the same way most people smoke, and therefore simple to get used to. There are many different starter kits on the market for this type of vaping and the e-liquids for these devices come in a huge range of flavours (including Tobacco for those looking for a familiar taste), and in differing nicotine quantities; 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg or 18mg. I would recommend that someone who is smoking regular cigarettes should start with the higher nicotine liquids and gradually reduce if and when they feel happy to.

Over time I eventually went on to use the Sub Ohming method of vaping, and that’s what I continue to use now. If I can help anyone out there with advice and guidance on quitting smoking through vaping, I’d be more than happy. Just pop in and ask. I will always try to make time to talk you through all the various aspects of vaping.


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Do you want to kick the 20-40 fags a day habit? Think it’s just too hard??

April 24, 2018

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