The first week!

April 6, 2018


When we decided to open The Vaping Griffin, we didn't know if it was going to work or if people were even going to come into the shop. However, this first week has been fantastic! I can't tell you how much we have enjoyed meeting all of you, whether you came in to buy or to just check us out. All of you have been friendly and up-beat and hopefully you have found us to be the same.

We have had lots of lovely comments about the shop itself but we will continue to try and improve it as time goes by. Future plans include more display cases, a coffee table and TV for example. Any other ideas always welcome.

Now that we have met some of you we have a better idea of the type of hardware and liquids that you like. Some of you have used our 'flavour request form' and we have done our best to source those flavours for you. They should be in stock soon. Over the coming days and weeks we will be trying to expand the number and types of liquid we stock so that we can cater to more customers and give a better variety.

I can honestly say I am overwhelmed by the kind things people have said about the shop on various facebook groups, our own facebook page, and to me personally. It makes running the shop so much easier knowing that our customers enjoy coming in and appreciate what we are trying to achieve.

I said at the start that we were not opening this shop to make millions, as long as we can pay the bills each month, buy new stock and keep our customers happy, we will continue.

The people of Malmesbury that I have met over the last week have proved to me that when they advertise the town as a "Friendly, welcoming Wiltshire town" they are right on the money!

I would like to ask all of you who have visited us so far if you could give us feedback please, good or bad. We can only improve if we know what you want/need. Also, if you feel so inclined, please leave a review on our facebook page - @vapingriffin (note the one g in the middle as someone got there before us!). We’re also on Instagram if you want to follow us. thevapinggriffin (two g's this time!)

Thank you once again to all our new friends, we hope to get to know you better in the future and hope you all want to keep using the shop.


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