March 26, 2018


Hi! My name is Shaun and I will be the guy behind the counter every day!

In this blog, I thought I would tell you a bit about how I got into vaping and why I decided to open a vape shop.

I started smoking very young - I probably had my first cigarette when I was about 11 or 12 years old. I guess I became a real smoker when I was about 15. 

Like most young boys then I thought it was "cool" and "grown up" and, of course, I was soon hooked on the nicotine. 

As I got older I found that I was smoking more and more and it started to become obvious to me that it was affecting my health.... and my bank balance!

My better half Lindsay, also a smoker, with obviously more common sense (and willpower) than me just made the decision to stop... and did, although I was witness to how difficult it was to her. I was unable to do that, I needed SOMETHING that would keep me and my nicotine addiction satisfied but which didn't cost as much as cigarettes and didn't make me smell like an ashtray.

It was Lindsay that suggested I try an e-cigarette after seeing someone at work using one to try and give up smoking. That was almost 6 years ago!

I went to a local e-cigarette store and bought my first ever e-cigarette.  It looked like a cigarette and it sort of tasted like one too but it didn't really satisfy me in the way a cigarette did. So, I went back to the store and told them that I wanted something more. They explained about liquids and how they could be just what I was looking for. From there I started using a battery and clearomiser which was my first REAL vape. After a while I graduated to flavoured liquids which also had a nice smell and gradually moved up to more powerful batteries and tanks which gave me more vapour and more flavour but crucially LESS nicotine. 

Since I began vaping instead of smoking I am certainly fitter, I don't wake up coughing, I can do a lot more than I could when I was smoking.

I began to take a real interest in vaping generally and did a lot of research into it. I tried different equipment/liquids, joined online forums and visited stores etc. to find out as much as I could. I suppose it became a hobby.

When we moved to Malmesbury I was dismayed to find out the only vaping stuff I could get was sold in supermarkets or the local garage! I wanted sub-ohm liquids and coils! I had to travel to Chippenham/Swindon etc. to get what I needed which wasn't always possible so I started to buy online. There are some great things about buying kit and liquids online; it is usually cheaper (no overheads), free delivery, lots of choice etc. BUT it has its downsides too.  I had to be at home to take delivery which didn’t always arrive when they said it would, or sometimes they sent the wrong item or liquid, or sometimes it was just terrible quality despite the 5 star reviews! I have even bought hardware that was "guaranteed genuine" only to find it was actually a poor copy of the original. At that point I realised, there was only one thing to do..... open my own store!

So here I am, I really hope we can provide people with a friendly local service that will be a great resource for local and visiting vapers like myself and that will evolve and improve as we go along.

So please pop into The Vaping Griffin and say hello. I'm always willing to hear your views on how we can improve our shop or just chat about vaping generally. 

Hope to see you soon

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